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Welcome to Carter & Co Lawyers
Whether it be defending a criminal charge, arguing for access to your children, securing your licence and/or challenging an order unfavourable to you, it is essential that your rights are protected and a qualified professional is engaged to advocate on your behalf.

Our role at Carter & Co Lawyers is not only to give you specialist legal advice, but to also provide strong, resilient advocacy and representation for you during the times that matter most.
Criminal Law at Carter & Co Lawyers
Criminal charges are not only frightening and stressful, but they can also have a significant impact on an individual’s employment, travel and future business considerations.

Therefore, no matter how straight-forward or difficult you may perceive your matter to be, it is always worth consulting informed and independent legal advice. Carter & Co Lawyers can provide legal assistance in criminal matters including:

Arson / Assault / Affray / Bail Applications / Breach of Bail / Breach of Suspended Sentence Bond / Disorderly Behaviour / Drug Importation / Drug Trafficking / Drug Manufacturing / Domestic Violence / Driving whilst disqualified / Fraud / Money Laundering / Hindering Police / Resisting Arrest / Murder / Attempted Murder / Manslaughter / Sexual Offences / Rape / Indecent Assault / Theft / Robbery / Make off without payment / Weapons / Firearms / People Smuggling / Prostitution / Sexual Slavery / Acts to Endanger Life / Threatening Life
Traffic Matters at Carter & Co Lawyers
Carter & Co Lawyers know that in many circumstances, losing your driver’s licence can significantly affect your employment, income and family. However in some circumstances, with the right legal advice, there are ways in which you may be able to avoid this.

Even where you may be found guilty of an offence there are ways in which you can apply to the Court to reduce (or avoid entirely) incurring demerit points.

What many South Australian residents do not realise, is that if they are found guilty of one or a number of prescribed traffic offences (such as drink driving), they can be eligible to be served with an application by the South Australian Police for the impounding and\or forfeiture of their vehicle. Carter & Co Lawyers are here to provide you with the right advice.
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