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  • Experienced, Cost-effective & Supportive Law Firm

  • Simon Diab, LLB, Principal Solicitor

  • Eva AbdelMessiah, Registered Migration Agent

  • Agita Antoon, LLB, Solicitor

Welcome to Simon Diab & Associates

Simon Diab & Associates was established in 1999 and is one of the top law firms in NSW.

Caring for your legal rights, assets and interests is our business. Simon Diab & Associates are committed to defending you, protecting your rights and addressing your business needs.

Simon Diab & Associates takes pride in our expertise, quality work and the professional relationship we have with our clients.

The lawyers and migration agents at Simon Diab & Associates have extensive years of experience, offering cost-effective legal services that achieve results in a timely manner.

When you use Simon Diab & Associates' legal services, you will feel supported. Experience the support that our professional team will provide you, as your interest is our priority.

Simon Diab & Associates provide sound advice and assistance to settle legal matters related to:
• Immigration Visas
• Commercial Litigation
• Conveyancing & Property
• Criminal litigation
• Family law
• Wills & Probate, Guardianship & Power of Attorney

Immigration Visas

Migration law and government policies change frequently, which makes it next to impossible to grasp it and to follow it. In the last three years alone, we have seen numerous changes to a number of visas. The latest are the major changes to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program, taking effect from 1 July 2012.

Among all these rapid changes, you will need a reliable professional expert to guide you through the process and explain the best options for such an important life changing decision.

That’s when you need to call Simon Diab & Associates, so we can assist you to make an informed decision about migrating, entering, working and/or studying in Australia.

There is a wide range of visas for all types of entries to Australia. For example there are:
• Temporary visas and
• Permanent visas

Each visa serve a specific purpose, there are visas to:
• reunite you with family
• study in Australia
• work for Australian employers
• establish new businesses
• protect humanitarian entrants

Finding the right type of visa for you requires an experienced Registered Migration Agent to provide you with an accurate advice and assist you in an ever complex process. Here at Simon Diab & Associates, we are qualified and have over 17 years of experience with migration law and visas that provide you with sound advice that is tailored to your circumstances.

So use the enquiry form or even better make an appointment to see Eva AbdelMessiah, our experienced Registered Migration Agent, for your peace of mind.

Criminal Litigation

If you become a suspect in a criminal investigation, you need to know your rights. You need to know your fundamental right to silence, not only at the police investigation stage but throughout the court processes and court hearing.

If the police want to talk to you, you must ensure that you talk to our team of strong criminal law specialists before you talk to the police. Too many times people incriminate themselves unwittingly because they did not obtain a careful legal advice before talking to the police. This could lead to serious consequences.

If you find yourself charged with a criminal offence, you must talk to a solicitor you can trust. At Simon Diab & Associates we are experts at protecting you. We have thorough knowledge and understanding of Criminal law practice and procedure in New South Wales and we will utilise our knowledge to the fullest for your protection.

Our team at Simon Diab & Associates can assist you with a range of different criminal law matter including:
• Property offences;
• Drug offences;
• Traffic offences;
• Sex and Violence;
• Fatal Offences;
• Bail;
• Sentencing and appeals.

Commercial Litigation

Simon Diab & Associates Commercial Litigation services include the following:
• Construction disputes;
• Debt recovery;
• Contract disputes;
• Bankruptcy/Liquidation/Insolvency;
• Advice commercial structures;
• Asset protection;
• Commercial litigation.

Sometimes individuals and companies may go through disputes regarding their financial affairs at a personal or commercial level. At Simon Diab & Associates we understand the stress and worries when companies or individuals find themselves in a legal dispute. Let our team take the worry away from you and guide you through the options and chances at court if your matter ends up before the courts.

It is so crucial to get the right structure when setting up a new company or a new business. Talk to the team at Simon Diab & Associates to guide you through the process and assist you to set up the right business structure whether it’s a company, a family trust, a unit trust or another form of legal entity that suits your individual needs.

Simon Diab & Associates litigation lawyers are people you can trust to provide you with real results.

Conveyancing & Property

Your team of lawyers at Simon Diab & Associates has many years of experience and expertise in variety of conveyancing and property related matters. Our team has acted for purchasers and vendors of houses, units, land, house and land packages. Simon Diab & Associates has also acted for borrowers and lenders including major banks and other financial institutions.

We take it as our job to guide you through the very important transaction of buying or selling a property. Our job is protecting your interests.

Our Conveyancing and property law team has experience in:
• Advising on selling and buying property or businesses by public auction or private treaty.
• Preparing and advising on retail leases, commercial, industrial leases and complex leases.
• Preparing and reviewing contract for sale in accordance with clients specific needs, negotiate to amend the contract and special condition for purchase or sale of property. This may include preparing complex clauses/special condition for building contracts for both builders and private clients. We also organise pest, building, strata and valuation report.
• Drafting building contract and contract for off the plan sale of units, townhouse, villas, houses etc.
• Liaising with the Office of State Revenue for any stamp duty or return of stamp duty matters and First Home Owners Grant or stamp duty exemption for First Home New Home Buyers. Liaising with Land and Property Management Authority regarding any boundary related matter, possessory titles or any other issues regarding the change of name or certificate of title.
• Liaising with the incoming mortgagees, financial institutions and outgoing mortgagees and arrange the necessary documents for Loan approval, discharge of Mortgage and refinance. Advising and explaining clients regarding mortgage documents. Preparing and lodging Caveat.
• Court/Tribunal appearance regarding Strata title disputes and leasing disputes, or builder’s contract.

Our Property lawyers will explain to you all the stages from start to finish in selling and buying the property or business and will send you timely report about progress of your matter.

Simon Diab & Associates has a strong team of experienced property Lawyers and we will look after your specific needs regarding Conveyancing and property related matters by serving you in a timely and efficient manner and with reasonable cost.

As part of our Conveyancing service we remind you of the benefits of having a valid Will and offer to review your Will if you have one.

At Simon Diab & Associates we work towards building a long term relationship with our clients.

Family Law & Wills, Probate, Guardianship & Power of Attorney

When marriage breaks down, Simon Diab and Associates are here to assist you in a difficult time.

Our professional, competent and understanding team of lawyers at Simon Diab & Associates gives you the confidence to resolve your family law dispute with the minimum of fuss possible.

We specialise in the following areas of family law:
• Divorce and separation
• Parenting issues and arrangements regarding children.
• Property settlements
• Financial agreements including pre-nuptial agreements
• Spousal maintenance

At Simon Diab & Associates, we also offer services to assist you with wills, probate, guardianship and power of attorney.

Making a Will can be a very confusing and sensitive issue, however it is a very important document that needs to be drafted carefully. It is crucial that you have an experienced lawyer drafts your will. After all, the Will is concerned with ALL of your assets and it is worth having it drafted professionally.

Probate involves making an application with the Supreme Court for Probate so that the assets of the deceased person can be distributed according to the terms of the Will. At Simon Diab & Associates, our experienced team of lawyers will assist you in this process. We will make the process as smooth and hassle free for the executor as possible.

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney is covered by the Power of Attorney Act and is an essential document allowing either general or specific power to be exercised by your appointed attorney. If you were to go overseas, or unable to sign certain documents, your appointed power of attorney is able to execute documents on your behalf. A Power of Attorney documents is extremely important and you should obtain legal advice before signing it. Our team at Simon Diab & Associates are able to advice you and draft the Power of Attorney for you.

When appointing a guardian, the person must have full capacity. Without full capacity, an application must be made to the guardianship tribunal. Upon appointing a guardian, they can be registered with the guardianship tribunal. This individual does not make financial decisions, however can make decisions in relation to lifestyle issues, for example, living arrangements and health issues.

Simon Diab & Associates

410 Church Street
Parramatta, NSW 2150
Phone: 02 9630 7000
Fax: 02 9630 7444



Professional Service:

Areas of Law

  • Commercial
  • Criminal
  • Family Law
  • Property & Conveyancing
  • Wills & Estates
  • Administrative Law
  • Advertising/Mkting
  • Aged Care
  • Appeals
  • Arbitration and Dispute
  • Bail
  • Banking
  • Bankruptcy
  • Body Corp/Strata
  • Building & Construction
  • Building Contracts
  • Business Law
  • Child Care Buy/Sell
  • Child Protection
  • Child Support
  • Civil Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Clubs & Associations
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Company Trusts
  • Competition/Trade Practices
  • Confidential Info/Trade Secrets
  • Constitutional Law
  • Construction
  • Consumer
  • Consumer Credit
  • Contract Law
  • Copyright
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Law
  • Corporations Act
  • De facto Law
  • Debt Recovery
  • Defamation
  • Disciplinary Tribunals
  • Discrimination
  • Environmental
  • Equity Law
  • Estate Administration
  • Federal Court
  • Finance
  • Food Law
  • Franchise
  • Gaming
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration Law
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Law-Private
  • Joint Ventures
  • Land & Environment
  • Land Acquisition/Compen
  • Land Development
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Leases
  • Legal Costing
  • Licensing
  • Mediation
  • Mortgage & Securities
  • Native Title/Land rights
  • Not for Profit
  • Notary
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Patent Law
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Pre-Nup Agreements
  • Professional Negligence
  • Property & Land Law
  • Property Development
  • Property Settlements - Complex
  • Public Liability
  • Same Sex Couples
  • Social Security Fraud
  • Sports
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Strata Title
  • Therapeutic Goods Law
  • Torts
  • Trade Practices
  • Traffic Offences
  • Trusts
  • Victims of Crime
  • Violence Restraining Orders
  • Wills & Estates - Disputed
  • Youth/Juvenile Justice

Special Qualities

  • Competitive Rates
  • Female Lawyer
  • Free Consultation
  • Legal Aid
  • Mediation
  • Multilingual - Arabic
  • Multilingual - Hindi
  • Multilingual - Sundanese

Contact Us Today

You are welcome to contact us for a no obligation free telephone consultation to discuss your matter and find out how we can help you!

We speak:

• English
• Arabic
• Lebanese
• Egyptian
• Iraqi
• Sudanese
• Assyrian
• Hindi

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