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Gayle Meredith and Associates - Family Lawyers

  • Gayle Meredith - Principal

  • Francesca Wu - Associate

  • The calibre of our team is core to our success

  • Service which is second to none

A Commitment to Excellence

Gayle Meredith & Associates is a leading firm of solicitors, providing specialist legal services to those that need assistance in relation to matters arising with respect to their personal relationships.

We present all available options to achieve the best possible outcomes. On the one hand, we provide forward thinking advice seeking to avoid or minimise disputes and on the other, we assist in and encourage the facilitation and resolution of disputes.

At all times we are sensitive to the results that our clients wish to achieve.

The qualities we have make our firm unique in this specialised market.

Integrity and professionalism are core values of Gayle Meredith & Associates. We have proven commitment to excellence from which we do not compromise. Our service is of superior quality and skills.

Our quest is, with dedication and efficiency, to meet and, in instances, exceed the expectations of our clients.

The firm has been recognised for its initiative, talent, passion, commitment and excellence of performance in the past when selected as a finalist in the Telstra NSW Small Business Awards.

Why Choose Gayle Meredith & Associates?

The calibre of the individuals who make up our team is pivotal to the success of Gayle Meredith & Associates.

Second to none are the reputations, expertise, experience and profile of our solicitors.

Gayle Meredith, the principal of the firm has over 25 years experience providing superior legal assistance in relation to family law issues.

Our specialist team of experienced lawyers and paralegals are equipped to provide our clients with the best representation possible in family law matters whether advice, in negotiations, documenting agreements or representation at mediations, conferences and at Court.

Our professionals have the skills to represent our clients in all forms of dispute resolution processes ranging from informal conferences to appearing in Court either with or without counsel.

We understand the importance of providing sympathetic, compassionate and discreet advice which is knowledgeable, no nonsense and confidential.

Assisted by welcoming, energetic and helpful staff, our clients receive unequalled personal service.

Mediation & Settlement Conferences

More and more those who have separated and wish to resolve issues between them, but have been unable to do so either themselves or with the assistance of their lawyers, seek the assistance of an independent mediator to help them reach agreement.

Our principal Gayle Meredith has experience and skills such that she is as a neutral third party to assist the parties explore all possibilities to reach agreement between them.

Gayle Meredith and Associates - Family Lawyers

1 Poplar Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 8264 0160
Fax: 0282640161



Professional Service:

Areas of Law

  • Family Law
  • Child Support
  • De facto Law
  • Grandparents Rights
  • Mediation
  • Pre-Nup Agreements
  • Same Sex Couples
  • Violence Restraining Orders

Special Qualities

  • Competitive Rates
  • Female Lawyer
  • Mediation
  • Accredited Specialist - Family Law

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact Gayle Meredith & Associates for further information.


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