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Welcome to Taylor David Lawyers

Taylor David Lawyers is not a traditional commercial law or litigation firm.

The practitioners at Taylor David Lawyers hold post graduate qualifications in insolvency and reconstruction and recognise the complexity of issues often overlooked by general commercial law practitioners in this practice area.

The knowledge and specific industry experience of our practitioners sets Taylor David Lawyers apart as a specialist firm aptly qualified to provide expert advice.


Taylor David Lawyers is focused on the preservation of business and asset value. This is best achieved in a non-insolvency environment.

At Taylor David Lawyers we strive to create value in turbulent times. The reconstruction of a business should generally be explored prior to entering into a formal insolvency arrangement.

Often many company directors believe that they are faced with no choice but to enter into a form of external administration. This is not always the case. A number of companies simply are not aware of all options which may be available to them. This is where Taylor David Lawyers can assist.

Asset Protection

Taylor David Lawyers can assist with Asset Protection.
Asset protection is an important element to any business structure. Most only decide to take steps to protect their assets when their business is at risk of entering insolvency, or after threat from creditors or other parties.

It is crucial for any business to carefully consider where to place its assets and how best to protect them. This consideration should start from the inception of your business.

Corporate Advisory

Taylor David Lawyers offers a corporate advisory service focused on SME’s, both private and public.

Taylor David Lawyers are commercially minded and have extensive experience in what does and does not work in the corporate world. We provide advice to companies upon inception, during their operation and upon demise.

Accordingly, Taylor David Lawyers is equipped with a specialist skills set to guide companies through both ends of (and in between) the corporate spectrum.


Taylor David Lawyers is Queensland’s first boutique insolvency and reconstruction law firm. Our specialised legal advice is backed by experience and industry recognised qualifications. We are able to advise on all areas of insolvency.

We are not a traditional litigation based insolvency practice. At Taylor David Lawyers we pride ourselves on providing innovative advice with a commercial focus.

The aim of Taylor David Lawyers is to provide guidance in an attempt to obtain favourable outcomes, without necessarily being engaged in protracted court disputes.

Taylor David Lawyers act for insolvency practitioners, company directors and creditors. With experience from all angles, we are well aware of the issues to pre-empt, enabling us to provide proactive advice.

Taylor David Lawyers

Level 27, 10 Eagle St
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Phone: 07 3229 9800
Fax: 07 3229 9833


Professional Service:

Areas of Law

  • Commercial
  • Administrative Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Company Trusts
  • Debt Recovery
  • Insolvency

Special Qualities

  • Competitive Rates
  • Free Consultation
  • Mediation

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Our Team


Scott D. Taylor


P: +61 7 322 99 800

F: +61 7 322 99 833


Dane Grauf


P: +61 7 322 99 800

F: +61 7 322 99 833


James Waterman


P: +61 7 322 99 800

F: +61 7 322 99 833


Lee Pascoe


P: +61 3 962 11 388

F: +61 3 992 32 798


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