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Paramount Compensation Lawyers

  • Founding Partner of Paramount Compensation Lawyers

Selecting the Best Compensation Lawyer is Paramount.

Paramount Lawyers are a law firm specialising in compensation, with years of experience in their repertoire, we are experts in all types of claims law.

Our lawyers are experienced professionals offering an Accredited Specialist in all areas of compensation law, that will work to ensure the best outcome with your best interest in mind.

Paramount Lawyers prides itself on open communication with you. We strive to resolve your matter in the shortest time possible - that's the Paramount promise. At Paramount we offer a personalised service, where we understand every client is different. Throughout your time with us you will be contacted every step of the way to ensure optimum success.

Offering central locations in Sydney Central Business District and Liverpool, Paramount Lawyers also propose the convenience of travelling to you.

It is with our experience that coming to meet you at your home assists us in truly identifying and understanding your needs, to guarantee success.

Honesty, trust, respect, integrity and justice. That is Paramount Lawyers.

Accredited Specialist

Motor Vehicle Compensation

28 Days to lodge accident notification form

Reporting accidents to police for compliance

6 months to duly make claim

If outside 6 months a full and satisfactory explanation is required

Court proceedings must commence within 3 years

Entitlement to compensation includes, no matter what age or nationality the following;

Non economic loss

Past and future wage loss

Past and future treatment expenses

Past and future superannuation benefits

Any other special heads of damage such as home modifications

Legal Interpreters

Paramount Lawyers works for the community, and we cater to the diverse culture we are immersed in. We offer interpreting services for over 80 languages, including various dialects.

As our service is built on honesty, trust, respect, integrity and justice, it is important we offer a service where you are able to speak freely about your matter without any chance of error or misinterpretation.

Paramount Compensation Lawyers

177 Northumberland Street
Liverpool, NSW 2170
Phone: 02 9099 3199
Fax: (02) 9099 3198



Professional Service:

Areas of Law

  • Personal Injury
  • Compensation Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Professional Negligence
  • Public Liability
  • Superannuation Disputes
  • WorkCover
  • Workers Compensation


Call Now 1300 Paramount (727266)

Paramount Lawyers provides the most updated information to ensure you receive the best advice. The following links may help you understand your rights, assist with the issues you currently face and offer you the latest information relating to your difficulties:

Motor Accidents Authority of NSW

Workcover NSW

Australian Lawyers Alliance

Lawlink New South Wales

Dust Disease Tribunal

Law Society of NSW

Workers Compensation Commission 


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