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Resolve Conflict Family Lawyers

  • Catherine Gale - Principal

  • Working with you towards a new future

  • We can assist you with your family law matters

  • Helping families reach solutions without Court

Welcome to Resolve Conflict Lawyers and Mediators

Resolve Conflict Lawyers and Mediators is a boutique Family Law firm located within the Melbourne CBD. It was established by Catherine Gale 5 years ago specifically to help Family Law clients in Melbourne reach solutions without going to court.

Catherine Gale is a family lawyer with 35 years practice experience. She is an Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Your concerns during separation and divorce

For most people, separation and divorce are difficult and stressful life changing events.

When a relationship ends, many people experience a range of diverse emotions which include grief, loss, hurt, anger, resentment, bitterness and much more.

Separation and divorce can be a time of great uncertainty and change. When people also get caught up in expensive legal battles the process can become destructive and overwhelming. At Resolve Conflict, our time is focussed on supporting you through your transition in a non-adversarial way, to ensure you reach agreeable financial settlement and child focused outcomes.

Where to from here?

At Resolve Conflict Family Lawyers and Mediators, we use non-adversarial approaches to solving family law issues and empower our clients with knowledge and skills to make their transition as stress-free as possible. Separation and divorce are often accompanied by confusion about the unknown. Making the transition from the comfort and stability of a known and familiar family environment to suddenly facing uncertainty can be daunting and distressing for all involved. It is not uncommon for people going through separation and divorce to experience feelings of regret, grief and helplessness, which impacts on our ability to see clearly and rationally into the future.

When separating, couples apply to the Family Court for Orders relating to property division, children matters, or both, Court processes can escalate the differences between parties so that, any possible dignified resolution is subsequently abandoned. As confidential matters are made public, this can sometimes result in further strain being placed on an already delicate situation which subsequently damage relationships.

Family Court settlements can often take years to be resolved in court, and cost the separating couple thousands of dollars in legal fees. Participation in a court process also means surrendering control of the outcome, to an unknown third party.

Resolve Conflict Lawyers and Mediators can assist you with your family law matters.

Resolve Conflict Family Lawyers

22 William Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9620 0088



Professional Service:

Areas of Law

  • Family Law
  • Property & Conveyancing

Special Qualities

  • Female Lawyer
  • Legal Aid
  • Mediation
  • Accredited Specialist - Family Law

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