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Rob Davidson

  • More than 20 yrs experience in a single phone call


Rob Davidson is willing to attend at police stations out of hours. If you have been told you may be arrrested or detained, call immediately, and keep my numbers with you. You may call outside business hours.

Calls will usually be taken by Rob Davidson personally. He also returns messages personally.


If you have a difficult matter, give Rob Davidson a call.

I have attended police stations, gaols, and at sites of arrests, inquiries before arrest, execution of search warrants, interrogations, and have prepared successful non-prosecutions submissions, and charge and plea bargain submissions, to State and Federal police and DPP’s. I have appeared on mentions, applications for orders (such as DNA testing, orders imposing conditions in the event of failure to serve a brief fully, costs in criminal proceedings orders, applications to be excused from giving evidence, applications that matters proceed despite no evidence being offered, applications that matters be dismissed for want of proper prosecution, bail applications, Griffith remands (bails where rehabilitation is undertaken before sentence improving prospects of non-custodial sentence), committal hearings, defended hearings, briefed and instructed counsel at trials, winning acquittals, and on all-grounds appeals, and briefed and instructed senior counsel, to the Court of Criminal Appeal; and have conducted sentence appeals before the District Court successfully.

I seek to have matters investigated thoroughly, including investigation of the methods used to prepare the case against my client. I obtained a distinction in Legal Research exercises at university. Where they may take a matter further, written submissions are drawn up. I have prepared submissions which have been written into the decision of a tribunal.

First conferences are all charged. However, until I say I will charge for further work, there is no charge.

Many years in administration of Federal and Local court cases; two years as a law clerk with my own clients.

In December 1991, I was admitted to practise as a solicitor. I conducted criminal litigation as a private solicitor, and on behalf of the Legal Aid Commission, and the Aboriginal Legal Service, in Western NSW.

I quickly gained a reputation among other lawyers and clients for diligent, tenacious resourceful and effective defences.

I presented many matters alone, some at no notice at all, and won acquittals. Upon sentence hearings I won orders that no conviction be recorded, and on sentence appeals won reductions of sentences.

References gathered may be expressed in very different language from each other. If they more truthfully set out different observations, they may be far more forcefully corroborative of truth than stereotypical letters would.

Some references contain incorrect anticipation of their purpose - such as an employment reference given for court use. That will harm a defendant’s case on sentence. I do not rule out even unlikely-seeming persons, if they have observed character. Opportunity to observe is the foundation of evidence.

If you need help having referees provide effective references for a sentence matter, call me.


As a law clerk, studying law, I received a call for help at home, at about 9pm. A child was on board an aircraft which would touch down for the last time in Australia in 45 minutes.

AFP was immediately placed upon standby. Family Court orders were obtained from the Duty Judge by phone and faxed to AFP, and a carer sent to the airport, and the matter listed for further mention before the court in the morning.

AFP officers boarded the flight. The child was returned to the parent. This was just one among many cases the Family court deals with to quickly and affectively bar removal of children from the jurisdiction, and recovery. If the court is to assist, instructions must be given, and action must be resolute.

Since then I have presented or prepared family cases before the Family Court, and FMCA.

Before Local Courts exercising jurisdiction by consent, or pending consent, or when consent is refused, and jurisdiction is available to make interim orders to preserve the status quo, upon transfer. This is an important method of preservation of status quo or for blocking an attempt to forcibly create a new status quo.

Cases have been conducted in property division, divorce, parenting orders, relocation cases (national and international), and substituted service to obtain orders against absent parents, domestic violence.

I have made successful application to invoke the jurisdiction of the Local Court to make an interim order pending transfer of a matter to a family court, when orders were in place at odds with the status quo.

This procedure on transfer should be kept in mind as a means of protection of exiting arrangements.

By this means, orders to hold a status quo can be obtained quickly and with relatively less difficulty, and will save or restore a postion until a proper hearing can be convened.

In some cases, this case included, the hearing and interim decision has been accepted by parties as sufficient to settle the final question.


I accept instructions for transactional work.

Among my marks were a distinction in commercial transactions, and a credit in drafting.

Before practice as a lawyer, I worked in private and public enterprises, conducting engineering sales, drawing and dealing with contracts, and preparing and reconciling accounts.

I attended the University of Technology (Sydney) at night, as an adult student.

I received three distinctions and ten credits. I studied mainly in "black-letter law" and practice-based courses, such as advocacy. I always intended to practice on my own account.

I took other courses supporting transactional ability, and commercial litigation, including land law.

My study is directed to legal and factual analysis.


People may have little control over the manner in which legal difficulties arrive.

I studied practical subjects at university directed to private practice, advocacy, criminal law, family law, and general practice.

I decided not to specialize narrrowly.

I acquired a reputation for being able to synthesize solutions from a wide range of sources.


When necessary I am able to call upon counsel (Barristers) for specialized advice.


I undertake general litigation as required, including Supreme Court Equity, Commercial and Court of Criminal Appeal lists before the District Court in its criminal and civil lists.

I have appeared on applications alone, and upon mentions, before both.


Before becoming a lawyer, I held several industrial positions including as Federal secretary of a 12.000 member trade union, during which I had carriage of our wage case, and drew amendments to our constitution broadening coverage, had them approved, submitted them to the Industrial Registrar and had the wider coverage registered.

I represented workes individually and collectively in workplace advocacy.

I have also conducted industrial matters before the IR Commission alone, winning orders after contesting dismissals, in hearings lasting up to three days and twelve witnesses, against counsel.


I take an analytical approach to my work.

I have worked in engineering, and, as a law clerk, in personal injury, and as a solicitor in many matters requiring briefing of forensic scientists and forensic engineers.

I have the NSW TAFE Mechanical Engineering Certificate, science and maths at higher levels in my HSC and matriculation. This assists me in briefing experts.

Analysis has resulted in the discovery of evidence which I had been advised had been destroyed, in location of experts able to prove limitations to sexual capacity relevant to specific accusations, in the ending of that trial and discharge of the defendant, in the reduction of PCA charges in range, and in technically effective submissions, upon procedure and upon sentence.

Rob Davidson

45 Flood St
Leichhardt, NSW 2040
Phone: 02 9550 0042

Professional Service:

Areas of Law

  • Commercial
  • Criminal
  • Family Law

Special Qualities

  • Call 24/7
  • Competitive Rates
  • Legal Aid



20 years' experience in a consultation.


After Hours call: 0466 997 942


I charge $275 per hour or part (incl. G.S.T.) and the expenses you ask me to incur.


I will speak to you, see you, and appear with you. I will refresh my memory from my own notes. Not from records prepared by another solicitor.




Procedural law now directs civil courts to facilitate just, quick and cheap resolution of the real issues. 


A person who seeks a decision is under a duty to narrow issues.This also presents a strategic opportunity. Advice is available as to how to save costs and reduce court time.  


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