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Osborne Howell

  • Established and well respected Sydney law firm

Exceptional Client Service

Osborne Howell Lawyers is a well established, experienced, professional legal firm.

At Osborne Howell Lawyers we have extensive experience in Wills and Estates Law, Conveyancing, Elder Law, Traffic Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Commercial and Business Law and offer Notarial services to our clients.

The legal team at Osborne Howell Lawyers continues to take active steps to change the way people think of the legal profession in Australia.

We promote a fresh, cost effective and, most of all, friendly professional legal service. Osborne Howell Lawyers also offers flexible, fixed fee arrangements for our clients.

With our legal team having over 35 years experience in practicing law, you can rest assured that your legal issues will be dealt with in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Osborne Howell Lawyers regularly runs free legal seminars in the community and contribute to a wide array of publications.

Family Law

Osborne Howell Lawyers practices in all areas of family law, including when a de-facto relationship, same sex relationship or marriage breaks down. We have unrivalled experience and we are committed to staying up to date with the evolving nature of family law and as such, one of our solicitors is currently completing the Masters of Family Law through the College of Law of New South Wales. We are also members of the Australian Family Law Council.

You can rest assured that the advice you are receiving from Osborne Howell Lawyers is up to date and relevant to your particular situation in light of recent amendments to the Family Law Act.

We understand that a breakdown of a relationship can be a highly emotional and stressful period of your life, especially if children are involved. We endeavour to minimise the pain and stress involved.

Estates, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Disputed Wills

Preparing a Will while you still have the mental capacity to do so, is the only way to safeguard your intentions relating to how you want your assets to be distributed after you have passed away.

Osborne Howell Lawyers has significant experience in preparing Wills that reflect your intentions and in drafting your Will in a manner that best protects your Estate from any family provision claims.

If you are an Executor or an Executrix of a Will, we can offer you legal advice in respect of whether a formal grant of Probate needs to be prepared to lodge in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and advise you of your legal responsibilities in carrying out the distribution of the assets in accordance with the deceased's Will. We understand that this can be an incredibly emotional time and we endeavour to be considerate, respectful and compassionate in our communications with you at all times.

Challenging or defending a Will is a complex and intricate area of the Law. The success of your case can depend on the experience and quality of your legal team. If you have been left out or are not adequately provided for in a Will, Osborne Howell can assist you in challenging the Will or making a family provision claim. We will identify the legal issues involved in your case and develop a strategy for aggressively enforcing your legal rights in receiving your fair share of the Estate.

We at Osborne Howell Lawyers understand that challenging or defending a Will can be a stressful period in a person's life as the legal issues are compounded with feelings of grief and loss. Osborne Howell pride ourselves in understanding the emotional difficulty involved in challenging or defending a Will and will do everything possible to minimise the stress involved. You can rest assured knowing that not only are your legal team experienced and qualified, that they are compassionate and sympathetic to your situation. We take the worry out of the legal processes to allow our clients the time and energy to focus on more pressing concerns, such as comforting loved ones.

Criminal Law

We appreciate that being charged with a criminal offence can be a stressful and unfamiliar process for many people. Our team of lawyers at Osborne Howell is experienced and strong advocates that have appeared in various courts across Sydney. We explain the nature of the charges to our clients and any options that they have in plain English.


Conveyancing & Property

The sale and purchase of our homes is one of the most important transactions of our lives. Osborne Howell offers a full service on all aspects of moving house including:-

• Buying and selling properties;
• Mortgages;
• Transfer of ownership between owners;
• Leasing and renting of residential properties.

Traffic Offences

At Osborne Howell Lawyers we have had considerable experience in representing people who have been charged with dangerous driving offences, including:

• Drink driving - various ranges of prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA);
• Drug driving - having illicit drugs in your body fluids;
• Refusing breath tests or breath analysis;
• Driving whilst disqualified, suspended or cancelled;
• Dangerous driving, negligent driving, reckless driving;
• Predatory driving;
• Dangerous/DUI driving cause death or grievous bodily harm;
• Speeding offences and street racing;
• Heavy vehicle offences;
• Licence appeals; and
• Habitual offender declaration appeals.

Osborne Howell

43-49 Blaxland Rd
Ryde, NSW 2112
Phone: 02 9807 3222
Fax: 02 9809 6607


Professional Service:

Areas of Law

  • Commercial
  • Criminal
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Property & Conveyancing
  • Wills & Estates
  • Business Law
  • De facto Law
  • Elder Law
  • Estate Administration
  • Leases
  • Traffic Offences

Contact Us

You are welcome to telephone us to discuss your matter and find out how we can help you.


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